Cat Craft 20-inch Sea Grass Cat Scratching Post with Spring Toy

  • $19.99
  • Save $5


Give your cat their own purr-sonal play area with Cat Craft’s 20-inch Sea Grass Cat Scratching Post with Spring Toy! This fashion-forward scratching post is made with ultra-scratchable sisal to encourage your kitty to stretch their claws in style. Soft plush carpet is easy on the paws and encourages appropriate clawing by providing your pet with a soft, comfortable place to relax. Your kitty will love lounging out and basking on the soft sisal and carpet base. Plus, this multi-faceted scratching post also includes two bird boys—perfect for cats who love swatting and batting their toys!

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install post can be assembled right out of the box without the need for tools or special equipment.
  • Made with natural, machine wound sisal for added durability and long-lasting wear.
  • Includes a spring bird toy to entice cats and encourage activity while reducing destructive behavior.
  • Made with a light and portable design that makes it easy to place this scratcher wherever your kitty likes to spend their time.
  • Encourages appropriate scratching and allows your cat to remove the dull nail sheath to reveal healthy paws.